Session Recordings

Session 1: Deep Decarbonization and the Role of AFOLU

September 28, 2021: 12:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern US

Session 1 Zoom Recording
Access Passcode: 10FA2021

Session Chairs: Sara Ohrel (EPA) and Tony Lemprière (Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada)

00:00 - Welcome, Information on the Forum and overview of next 3 sessions - Sara and Tony
04:00 - Carlyn Smyth, Session Two
05:20 - Jeffery O'Hara, Session Three
07:45 - Canada: Tony Lemprière, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
18:45 - United States: Christine Dragisic, US Department of State

Part II: Different perspectives on role of AFOLU in deep decarbonization efforts in the United States and Canada: How do we actually get there - challenges and opportunities. Panelists:
28:40 - Allen Fawcett, Environmental Protection Agency
38:40 - Emily McGlynn, UC Davis
51:20 - Susan Cook-Patton, The Nature Conservancy
1:03:35 - Ronnie Drever, Nature United
1:14:20 - Melanie Plett, Government of British Columbia
1:25:50 - Sarah Ohrel and Tony Lemprière: Moderated Panel Discussion
1:36:20 - Audience Q&A

Session 2: State-of-the-art assessment of mitigation potential from forestry and agriculture

October 19, 2021: 12:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern US

Session 2 Zoom Recording
Access Passcode: E+t.7f

Session Chairs: Carolyn Smyth (Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada) and Robert Beach (Research Triangle Institute)

07:05 - Bronson Griscom, Conservation International: Global mitigation potential from land-using sectors. Comparison of global and country-level mitigation potential from land-using sectors based on synthesis of existing literature and modeling using integrated assessment models (IAMs)
25:40 - Andre Depperman, Internationa Institute for Applied Systems Analysis: Modeling of land-based mitigation. Discussion of latest global and regional results from GLOBIOM as well as IAMs.
49:10 - Sara Ohrel, Environmental Protection Agency: US mitigation potential from agriculture and forestry. Latest modeling of potential US mitigation, using multiple state-of-the-art agriculture and forest sector models.
01:08:00 - Brian McConkey, Viresco Solutions Inc.: Nature-based agricultural solutions for GHG mitigation for Canada. Assessment of the contributoins of natural climate solutions from the agricultural sector to Canadian GHG mitigation.
01:30:30 - Werner Kurz, Natural Resources Canada: The Carbon Balance of Canada's Forest Sector: Opportunities for Natural Climate Solutions or threats from Climate Change? Discussion of the potential for natural climate solutions from the Canadian forest sector under cimate risk.
01:45:45 - Discussion and Q&A

Session 3: The implementation of offset markets for GHG mitigation

November 9, 2021: 12:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern US

Session 3 Zoom Recording
Access Passcode: 10FA2021

Session Chairs: Jeff O'Hara (USDA), Greg Latta (University of Idaho), Jan Lewandrowski (USDA)

00:00 - Jan Lewandrowski, Ron Sands, Sara Ohrel Introduction and housekeeping
05:45 - Broad overview of market-based approaches: Kate Zook - USDA

28:30 - Shelby Myers, American Farm Bureau Federation: Opportunities and Challenges for Growers in Developing Carbon and Ecosystem Credit Markets
49:00 - Greg Latta, University of Idaho: A Brief Look at Forest Offset Participation in the United States
01:10:30 - Bryan Van Stippen, National Indian Carbon Coalition: Development of Carbon Projects on Indigenous Lands
01:32:00 - Christine Cadigan, American Forest Foundation: Unlocking the Climate Potential in America's Family-Owned Forests

Session 4: Modeling to inform policy: Research needs and recent advances

November 30, 2021: 12:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern US

Session Chairs: Ron Sands (USDA), Christopher Galik (NC State University)

02:20 - Ron Sands, USDA-ERS: Role of forestry and agriculture in Integrated Assessment of climate change
15:13 - Maksym Chepeliev and Uris Baldos, Purdue University: U.S. climate policy revisited: Implications for land systems change, water use, and nitrogen leaching
43:13 - Alla Golub, Purdue University: Costs of forest carbon sequestration in the presence of climate impacts
01:07:58 - Kate Larsen, Rhodium Group: What do policy makers need to know?
01:35:05 - Sara Ohrel, EPA: Closing Session: 10th Forestry and Agriculture GHG Modeling Forum: Taking stock and looking forward
01:46:00 - Christopher Galik, NC State University